Virgo Monthly Horoscope (November) 2017

Virgo Monthly Horoscope (November) 2017

Sun Sign

November 2017 – If you’re feeling limited or constrained, the full moon on November 3 lets you break out and run free. You may not want to do anything extreme, but you have plenty of support and people cheering you on if you do. Mercury enters Sagittarius on the fifth, and it might be hard to concentrate on the important small stuff. Do your best. Stay near to home during the new moon on November 18. There will be a lot that you want to do with your friends. If siblings show up, let them figure out how to fit in with what’s going on.

Standout days: 9, 17, 28
Challenging days: 12, 24

Love (Singles)

November 2017 – When passionate Venus enters Scorpio’s emotional realm on November 7, your feelings for someone intensify. You still don’t have the easiest time expressing yourself, but this influx of emotion could jump-start you to make a move. Your social game improves during the Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the thirteenth, so you’re likelier to meet people and begin to form romantic relationships. Be open to all possibilities, and try to limit judgments. Your senses are stimulated during the alert Mercury-Uranus trine on November 25, and you’re good at solving puzzles. A romantic mystery is about to be put to rest.

Love (Couples)

November 2017 – When love goddess Venus leaves airy Libra for watery Scorpio on November 7, you can get in touch with your emotional side. Focus on the details of a passionate encounter if it makes you more comfortable, but make sure you’re willing to give after you take. A Venus-Jupiter conjunction could cause jealousy on the thirteenth, but make sure you don’t make any unfounded accusations. Is it possible you aren’t seeing the whole picture? A smart Mercury-Uranus trine puts you on the precipice of innovative technology on November 25, which benefits your love life. It’s up to you to figure out the specifics (which you’re great at).


November 2017 – Your expert knowledge could pay off handsomely on November 3, thanks to the full moon. Accept an offer to give a lecture, write a paper, or make a presentation to fellow professionals at the beginning of the month. Mercury, your ruler, enters your fourth house of domesticity on November 5. You could make great progress working from home. Discuss the possibility of such an arrangement with your employer. The new moon on November 18 favors a publicity campaign. If you’re self-employed, take this opportunity to advertise. Do you work for a company? Send out query letters to potential customer and clients.


Oct 30, 2017 – Nov 5, 2017 – It’s a great time to use all your powers of concentration and creativity to think of new ways to bring in cash. Harmonious aspects make this even truer now. Your social networks are invaluable at this time, and may provide opportunities to gain insider knowledge of new job opportunities in your field, and great ways to ask for raises and promotions. Make sure to thank them with a fun celebration.


November 2017 – With sensible Saturn aligning with innovative Uranus, your health planet, over this month, you may experience a revolution in your well-being. This could be the result of reorganizing your home so that you can prepare healthier meals or exercise whenever you feel like it. Purchasing gadgets for food preparation or creating a corner for exercising can bring benefits your way. However, your attitude can also extend to your family, and you may be eager for everyone to enjoy a higher level of fitness and health. In addition, insights into lingering emotional issues can bring release and lessen tensions, too.

Monthly Planetary Overview

November 2017 – During the November 3 full moon in sometimes stubborn Taurus, your intuition sends a message and you can tell it’s going to take longer to get a particular project off the ground and you’ll have to work harder. With the help of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction, solutions come more easily the week of the thirteenth. Your personal life could be tense the weekend of November 18 with a Scorpio new moon wanting its own way and Mars trying to push Pluto around. Those tensions resolve themselves easily on November 21 when the sun moves into sassy Sag. The next day, Neptune turns direct to cast a rose-colored glow over the upcoming holiday.

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