Taurus Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Taurus Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Sun Sign

December 2017 – The full moon on December 3 could bring money your way. It could come from afar or even from people you barely know. There may also be plenty of advice that comes with it, but you know your own mind. You have all the answers at the new moon on the seventeenth. A variety of people and problems may come to you for solutions, and you will have them. It will be easy, too. Have fun being the expert. The Venus-Saturn conjunction on December 25 mellows out the hectic days behind you. Appreciate hearing from older relatives and long-time friends.

Standout days: 15, 20, 28
Challenging days: 10, 24

Love (Singles)

December 2017 – Arguments and tension are unavoidable during the stressed Mars-Uranus opposition on December 1, but you can get out of it unscathed with a laid-back approach. It isn’t easy to ignore small irritations, but doing so will help you avoid bigger blowups. On the tenth, a positive trine between communications expert Mercury and interesting Uranus (both retrograde) produces some thought-provoking moments during which you can sort out some basic romantic issues. Thinking outside the box is just what the love doctor ordered. When gentle Venus bumps into Capricorn’s sensible energy on December 24, you’re committed to finding love. Your current efforts will pay off in the long run!

Love (Couples)

December 2017 – An unnerving Mars-Uranus opposition on December 1 raises conflicts at home and seems intent on dividing you and your partner instead of uniting you. Fight the overwhelming urge to flee as you struggle to navigate this difficult path. Communicative Mercury makes a fiery trine to eccentric Uranus on the tenth, and because both planets are retrograde, you could experience some very interesting moments. Playing charades together could get quite competitive and downright weird! Your ruler Venus heads into strict Capricorn on December 24, putting your responsibilities front and center. Take care of work first and then you can play.


December 2017 – Your ruler Venus enters your eighth house of shared resources on December 1. You might receive a wonderful bonus at the beginning of the month. The full moon on the third could tempt you into buying lavish gifts that are beyond the scope of your budget. Don’t blow your entire paycheck on a holiday shopping spree. You’ll be in a much stronger financial position on December 17, when the new moon helps you pay off some hefty credit card bills. Serious Saturn enters your house of higher learning on the nineteenth. If you’ve been contemplating a career change, explore opportunities involving travel, teaching, or publishing.


Nov 27, 2017 – Dec 3, 2017 – You’re facing a week of financial growth. You’re usually organized and careful about spending, and this may be a great week to get that budget out and review it. Is this one working for you or does it need some adjusting? You may find it helpful to sign up for an online banking service or use online tools to calculate what you need for your retirement.


December 2017 – Although the theme of letting go of difficult emotions seems ongoing, this month encourages you to keep at it. If there is one issue in particular that is causing concern, doing nothing could certainly impact your health and add to any feelings of stress. Having a firm resolve to heal this could leave you feeling more energized and happy overall. You might feel like making some radical changes to your diet or exercise routine, too, if it can help you quickly lose those extra pounds. Even so, key influences reveal that taking things slowly could be the better way to look and feel great.


Monthly Planetary Overview

December 2017 – A full Gemini moon on December 3 makes it hard to be consistent, then Mercury turns retrograde in glib Sagittarius. Sarcasm comes easily, and you’ll have to watch your words that week. When Mercury turns direct on December 22, you finally say what’s been on the tip of your tongue all month. Amid the holiday crush there comes a period of calm, but at the aggressive Aries quarter moon on December 26 you could sputter out words you regret. At work, this fresh cosmic energy helps you push a project over the finish line.

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