A short documentary “The Box” grabbed the audience attention on the 2nd day of Asia Peace Film Festival

By Mah Jabeen

Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) had organized a three day Asia Peace Film Festival, where they showcased documentaries and short films focusing hunger, poverty, social abuses, effects of war and similar many other issues.

29 short films and documentaries were displayed on the event. A panel discussion continued with question and answer was followed with the film makers. A huge figure of art students witnessed the festival.

Among so many short films, there was a short film titled Crow’s Nest, which hardly ran for five and a half minutes, the base of the story was about a Kerala girl who faces hard time and struggles before moving to city.

Amritha Warrier, director of the film, she screened how she return back to her hometown or whether she has lack her roots after she moves to city.

“The Boxs” a Turkish animated short film was based on the consequences of war on children. How a Syrian child survives and how the war changes it life. The film maker has focused a toy box which the child use to play with, which he also used as a toy house and then place at a refugee camp and lastly as a boat.

The panel of speskers later discussed the importance of visual and performance arts involved in helping children suffering from traumas they have face during the war.

Merve Cirisoglu Cotur, Director, “The Box” stated that the aim behind using the artwork was to spread peace and helped numerous children effected due to war in Syria. She also shared her experiences of working with children in a refugee camps. Where she engages them in drawings as art itself is a tremendous inner healer. She also included that she has started the “book Mark project” with her friends, in which they made Merve’s animated book marks and key chains and sold them via social media. The main aim behind was to help building orphanages and other projects for children from the money they earned from book marks and key chains.

Mr. Khadim hussain from Bacha Khan Trust Education Foundation added that the trust was to spread the message of peace vis visual and performing arts, and craft and folklore.

Image source: dawn , asiatrend

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