Samsung to built own version of Apple AirPod, powered by Bixby

Samsung to built own version of Apple AirPod, powered by Bixby

Samsung is planning to create its own version of AirPod like earphones. These earphones might launch along with Galaxy Note 8, which will surely set to launch on 23rd August. The Samsung’s new airpod is powered by Bixby, Samsung’s smart assistant that came with the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

This latest airpod will also include noise-canceling technology feature. These airpods will be wireless, similarly like the Apple AirPod  ones and could be as expansive as the Apple AirPod.

As mentioned, the new earphones will be powered by Bixby. But recently freshly launched Bixby has not a lot of users as compared to Apple’s Siri or Google Assitant for now. Infact Samsung needs to improve on Bixby and need to focus more before they launch more devices.

Lately Samsung’s smart speaker powered by Bixby beacame part of social rumors but by the time these rumors seems to be fading away. The Bixby smart speaker was meant to rival Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod speaker. Where as In earlier reports, Alibaba seemed to be working on a smart speaker which will facilitate users to order products from their website.

Images — Samsung Gear IconX

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