Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (November) 2017

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (November) 2017

Sun Sign

November 2017 – Health and happiness are spotlighted by the full moon on November 3. Take pleasure in taking care of yourself. You may also have a friend or a pet who needs a little extra pampering. Pamper away! On the thirteenth, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction shows you just how loved and cherished you really are. During the new moon on November 18, your private life and interior landscape may be much more interesting and richer than anything in the outside world. Indulge in deep thoughts, read a heavy book, get philosophical, and talk with your soul mate, real or yet to be manifested.

Standout days: 7, 16, 21
Challenging days: 4, 26

Love (Singles)

November 2017 – When loving Venus and unconventional Uranus meet on November 4, your love life takes an interesting turn. You have no idea what might come next, but the unpredictability is half the fun! The thirteenth brings a thought-provoking Venus-Jupiter conjunction, and the more you think about your desires, the more you want to act on them. Living out a fantasy is fun if all parties agree on the rules. When the sun enters your sign on November 21, you aren’t in a hurry to find love. Hanging out with people who think you’re attractive is a good ego boost, but you aren’t interested in any situations with strings attached.

Love (Couples)

November 2017 – A one-time opposition between lovely Venus and unpredictable Uranus on November 4 makes it difficult to tell what you might be in the mood for from one minute to the next. Embrace the surprises that the rather unstable energy brings. A Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio on the thirteenth can bring jealousy and suspicion along with a healthy sexual appetite. How these two things may play out is anybody’s guess, so be ready for anything. The sun moves into your sign on November 21, which shines a positive light on your love life. You crave bigger and better, and the world is your oyster when you make improvements together.


November 2017 – The full moon on November 3 could attract a lucrative job offer. Accept this position, as it will cultivate financial security and emotional satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to accept additional responsibilities at work on November 11, when dutiful Saturn trines unique Uranus. The more open you are to expanding your duties, the higher your professional star may rise. The new moon on November 18 could find you working with a large bureaucracy like a hospital, university, or government agency. On November 21, the commanding sun moves into your sign, making it easier to promote your agenda. Make a sales pitch at the end of the month.


Oct 30, 2017 – Nov 5, 2017 – You may be about to change jobs or move up the ranks. It’s not the corner office you have your heart set on, it’s the salary that goes along with it. Give your ambition free rein as long as you have an emotional handle on it. It may be your communication, or lack thereof, that sets others against you. Keep everything smooth by being clear and concise with your words.


November 2017 – A full moon in your wellness zone on November 3 can be a call to pamper yourself and indulge in a little self-care. As this lunar phase can often heighten feelings and expose hidden tensions, this is the ideal time for a facial, massage, or other healing treatment. In addition, it can prepare you for a busy schedule in the weeks ahead. In fact, you might want to book more treatments, as these can help you survive the season and leave you more upbeat and buoyant. The cosmos also encourages making time for reflection and journaling so you can prioritize your activities.


Monthly Planetary Overview

November 2017 – During the November 3 full moon in sometimes stubborn Taurus, your intuition sends a message and you can tell it’s going to take longer to get a particular project off the ground and you’ll have to work harder. With the help of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction, solutions come more easily the week of the thirteenth. Your personal life could be tense the weekend of November 18 with a Scorpio new moon wanting its own way and Mars trying to push Pluto around. Those tensions resolve themselves easily on November 21 when the sun moves into sassy Sag. The next day, Neptune turns direct to cast a rose-colored glow over the upcoming holiday.

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