A renowned ride haling service “Uber” will be introducing flying taxis by 2020

By Mah Jabeen

Recently Uber and NAsa have partneres to and will be launching flying cars by 2020. Yes Feedswallet readers this is not some science fiction movie news showcasing flying cars of future, but the future is near and our coming generation will be experiencing this amazing technology in the near future. It will be just after 2 years.

The giant ride hailing service have officially announced about the deal they made with NASA and now they both will be working to build a new traffic control system for “flying cars”. The upcoming flying cars will be take off and land in a vertical fashion and are expected to launch by 2020 in Los Angeles. The company aims to perform thousands rides/flight in a day in the coming years.

A renowned ride haling service “Uber” will be introducing flying taxis by 2020

It seemed after the dominating the roads, the giant ride hailing company is about to conquer the Sky and obviously with the government’s help. Nasa will be accompanying to build the new traffic control system and will allow Uber to maintain low altitude flights. Or in other words there will be traffic signals for the flying cars. Uber’s vision is to enable customers in the future to push a button and avail the high speed flight in and around the cities. Uber vision is that flying cars will be available commonly by 2028, as the 2028 Olympics will be hosted by Los Angeles and the company plans to give the flying ride services to the Olympic guest.

The company think that this way it would be easier to reach the destination in minimum time and avoiding heavy traffic.

Mr. Jeff Holden, Uber Chief Product shared his views

 “Technology will allow Los Angeles residents to literally fly over the city’s historically bad traffic”

The company is planning to build Uper heli pads at the top of the buildings in Los Angeles. The passengers will be able to call a flying taxi on any Uber pad and reach any destination they want to. Infact, the Uber flying taxi will be working from pad to pad unexpectedly, and private helipads will also been utilize.

image source: dailymirror

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