Psychological tricks to lose weight

By Mariyam Umar

Losing a great amount of pound is everyone’s dream but the problem is this that people find difficult to take time and go for workout. Now studies have found out that you can play with your mind and lose inches. You are the one who can control your body with your mind. If we over think we get depressed, thinking about the same matter we get emotionally sad or sometimes happy too. So why can’t we control our mind in the matter of diet?
Research has found out some factors which will help people losing weight try them out for yourself and lose inches.


Psychological tricks to lose weight

Take out less food in your plate
Since our childhood we have been taught by our parents to finish food in our place which is a nice habit but dishing out a big quantity will put on great amount of calories which will become reason of weight gain. If you dish out less food in your plate then it won’t be considered a bad habit and it will help you maintain a good figure too.



Psychological tricks to lose weight

Eat slowly
Research says that faster you eat, more you will feel hungry. While taking a meal chew and swallow slowly. Include water intake in between your meal and at least try to take 15 to 20 minutes to finish your meal.




Psychological tricks to lose weight

Create food and versions
Who doesn’t like food at restaurants or junk food. It is everyone’s favourite. Start searching for preparation of such food on Internet that how big restaurants prepare food with their unhygienic hands and clothes, also the third grade quality food products used to prepare junk food.



Psychological tricks to lose weight

Use a smaller plate
Dishing out a small quantity will surely make you feel that you are eating less. Get yourself a small plate which will make you feel satisfy psychologically that you are not eating less. As it is one of the great psychological tricks to keep yourself maintain a good figure.



Psychological tricks to lose weight
wide open eats

Get taller glasses
You can’t restrict yourself from every other thing that contain Calories and that’s a human nature. Drink any calorie filled drink in a taller glass. Taller the glass, less it would be wide. This way it will hold less amount of the drink in it and after consuming a glass of drink psychologically you will feel yourself full.


Psychological tricks to lose weight

Avoid watching TV or other activity while eating
Concentrating while eating will make you focus to what you are eating and it will not divert your attention. While watching TV or playing any game we don’t consider that how much we are eating and what are we eating which doesn’t satisfy our appetite so unconsciously we over eat.



image source: gourmandize

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