Pisces Monthly Horoscope (November) 2017

Pisces Monthly Horoscope (November) 2017

Sun Sign

November 2017 – Friends and neighbors are prominent, in all the best ways, during the full moon on November 3. Generosity from afar may be shared with you and your besties. It may not be party time, but it could be close. Break out of your shell with the new moon on the eighteenth. If you’ve been hunkered down with one specific job or project, you can now widen your range and have a fuller perspective without sacrificing your concentration. You will make success look easy. On November 26, the Moon-Neptune conjunction exposes hidden emotions and lets you talk openly about them.

Standout days: 13, 16, 22
Challenging days: 9, 19

Love (Singles)

November 2017 – The sun meets compassionate Neptune on November 3, putting you in a dreamy state of passivity. You aren’t the judgmental type, so ruling anyone out as a potential partner isn’t likely. There’s a strong draw to beauty and spirituality during the Venus-Neptune trine on the sixteenth, and the partners you choose will probably be progressive and uber-attractive. Free-spirit types never mean to cause bad feelings, but you could get hurt just the same. Your mood is up one minute and down the next during the Mercury-Saturn conjunction on November 28, but worrying too much about things you can’t control never helps. Give in to the unpredictability of romance.

Love (Couples)

November 2017 – An emotional trine between the sun and dreamy Neptune gets your creative juices flowing on November 3, which encourages you to see things from a bigger perspective. Appreciate the small things about each other while you start formulating loose plans for future improvements. A dreamy Venus-Neptune trine sets the scene for seduction on the sixteenth, and fantasies can become reality. Wearing costumes and role playing are a blast when you trust the other person completely. A moody Mercury-Saturn conjunction gives you anxiety over unfinished business on November 28, but there’s only so much you can do. Feeling guilty accomplishes nothing.


November 2017 – You’ll be able to negotiate an impressive deal on November 3, thanks to the communicative full moon. A freelance assignment could help you reach new professional heights on November 11, when accomplished Saturn trines independent Uranus. This is an ideal time to launch a side business. On November 16, enriching Venus trines Neptune, your ruling planet. Going on a business trip should be extremely profitable. The new moon on November 18 further emphasizes the need to form connections with an overseas operation. If you’ve ever wanted to live and work abroad, this could be your chance to do so.


Oct 30, 2017 – Nov 5, 2017 – Your words and communication may have to be checked and double-checked for accuracy. Ideas may be wonderful jumping-off points for future projects, but there’s a good chance that the message will get muffled in the process. Using that creative energy to learn a new language (which will certainly help in your work) or further your education could make all the difference.


November 2017 – With the cheery sun, your health planet, moving through your travel zone until November 21, going away for a short break or longer vacation can be good for your health. In addition, the services of a life coach or personal trainer can restore your confidence and belief in yourself and make a huge difference. It might enable you to adopt an exercise or diet strategy that finally brings you the results you want. Your well-being can be enhanced by seeing your present health issues from a fresh perspective that will empower you to keep going. This may mean leaving your comfort zone, but it will be worth it.

Monthly Planetary Overview

November 2017 – During the November 3 full moon in sometimes stubborn Taurus, your intuition sends a message and you can tell it’s going to take longer to get a particular project off the ground and you’ll have to work harder. With the help of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction, solutions come more easily the week of the thirteenth. Your personal life could be tense the weekend of November 18 with a Scorpio new moon wanting its own way and Mars trying to push Pluto around. Those tensions resolve themselves easily on November 21 when the sun moves into sassy Sag. The next day, Neptune turns direct to cast a rose-colored glow over the upcoming holiday.

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