Pisces Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Pisces Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Sun Sign

December 2017 – Work may try to draw you away from home during the full moon on December 3, but you know where your heart is. Even if it’s an early holiday party, you might prefer to skip it. Get out in public on the new moon of the seventeenth. People want to be with you and do what you’re doing. Participate in a holiday charity event for children or seniors or both. Get great pleasure from doing the simplest things. The moon conjoins Neptune on December 24. The heart of the holidays could be the dreamiest, sweetest, most beautiful time of all.

Standout days: 1, 14, 28
Challenging days: 3, 16

Love (Singles)

December 2017 – You enter uncertain territory as loving Venues moves from intense Scorpio to freedom-loving Sagittarius on December 1. The mood is lighter, to be sure, but the “maybe I will, maybe I won’t” vibe makes you feel a bit unsettled. You’re more in tune with the energy of the Venus-Mercury conjunction on the fifteenth, because at least now you’re able to convey your feelings clearly and concisely. Maybe there isn’t as much excitement, but you’re a lot more comfortable knowing where you stand. A Mercury retrograde cycle ends on December 22, putting everything back on track. Expect a lot fewer communication glitches and missed signals.

Love (Couples)

December 2017 – As Venus leaves watery Scorpio for fiery Sagittarius on December 1, your commitment to forming a solid team clashes with your desire for freedom. This can be a confusing dynamic, but love eventually conquers all. You’re in touch with your emotions during the Venus-Mercury conjunction on the fifteenth, making it the perfect time to tell your partner exactly how much you care. Big romantic gestures aren’t required. Instead, use your words to let them know they’re completely loved. A Mercury retrograde period ends on December 22, which is great news if you and your partner have travel plans. Having everything go according to schedule reduces that inevitable couples’ holiday stress!


December 2017 – Expansive Jupiter trines your ruler Neptune on December 2. This is a great time to venture into a creative field that has always fascinated you. On the same day, detail-oriented Mercury turns retrograde. don’t sign any contracts until the end of the month. Family members may express opposition to career plans on the third due to a stressful full moon. It might be better to keep your dreams to yourself. A thrilling professional door may open on December 17, thanks to an adventurous new moon. Stern Saturn moves into your eleventh house of group associations on the nineteenth. Joining a professional organization may be very beneficial.


Nov 27, 2017 – Dec 3, 2017 – For you, this week is about increasing your earning potential a great deal. Wherever you sense an opportunity, assert your will, your needs, and your individuality. With the aid of helpful aspects, money comes when you cultivate creativity in your thinking. In other words, the less you do things the same old way, the more your bottom line will thank you. It’s petty brilliant, if you think about it.


December 2017 – It seems that you could be very busy over the coming weeks, with plenty of responsibilities to handle. Bearing this in mind, consider upping your intake of supplements, especially vitamins B, C, and D, as they can help combat pressure and stress. However, a more relaxing and very spiritual blend of energies suggests making time to enjoy a few spa days with friends or indulge in regular massages as a way to ease any tension in your body and allow you to feel your best. If you’re in the spotlight, some organic beauty treatments might also enhance your confidence.

 Monthly Planetary Overview

December 2017 – A full Gemini moon on December 3 makes it hard to be consistent, then Mercury turns retrograde in glib Sagittarius. Sarcasm comes easily, and you’ll have to watch your words that week. When Mercury turns direct on December 22, you finally say what’s been on the tip of your tongue all month. Amid the holiday crush there comes a period of calm, but at the aggressive Aries quarter moon on December 26 you could sputter out words you regret. At work, this fresh cosmic energy helps you push a project over the finish line.

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