Peshawar zalmi team elected Two Chinese national team cricketers for the next PSL series

By Mah Jabeen

China’s national cricket teams’ 2 players to lead Peshawar Zalmi for the next series of (PSL) Pakistan Super League T20, according to Amir Suhail Afridi, China Representative.

Both the players from Chinese national team have being finalised and legal contract will be signed by the Peshawar Zalmi’s head, Mr Javed Afridi next month, during his visit to Beijing, he stated to APP over a telephonic conversation from Keqiao country.

He also added that Pakistan’s community is promoting cricket among Chinese people, and also observed that their youth are passionate about the game.

“We have organized a number of cricket matches to introduce this game among the locals. We provide free transportation to attract more and more people to watch cricket,” he added.

It was also informed by Amir Afridi that official coaches will be provided to promote cricket at educational institutes, he stated, “We have provided cricket kits to different schools and colleges, as Pakistan’s sports kits are famous all over the world and China is known for it huge sports items market and Pakistan traders will be able to build a new market by exporting cricket bats and footballs kits,” he added.

He confirmed regarding the submission of proposal to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), in order to organize PSL matches in China instead of United Arab Emirates (UAE) or other neutural venues.

Futhermore, Pakistani Community Keqiao (PCK) President Mr.Abdullah Afridi said his organization have apealed the local authorities to help build a cricket ground in the city, to promote cricket culture, he also added that over last 20 years Pakistani’s have been residing in beijing and its adjoining city Yi Wu. They also organize cricket matches on weekends to help promote the cricket culture among the Chinese locals

Keqiao city is famous for its polyester fabric manufacturing all over the world. And Pakistanis organize events and celebrate their Independence day and other traditional cultural days with great enthusiasm

He said, “We are living here for a long time and are contributing in the development of both countries, and Pakistani community wants an educational setup for their children’s better future and have also appealed the local authorities for their co-oporation.

Its will be worth mentioning here that around 30 Pakistani traders have recently voluntarily donated their blood for the earthquake victims in China’s Sichuan province.

“Our goodwill gesture has widely been appreciated by the Chinese brethren and sisters but we consider it our duty, and Pakistan Counsel General, Shanghai is in close contact with Pakistani community and hopefully will resolve the issues”, he added.

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