Peshawar 2.0 announced Makerthon 2017

Peshawar 2.0 announced Makerthon 2017

Youth are the backbone behind development of the nation, they are meant to determine the course of action of a country. Countries, NGOs, and enterprises worldwide are spending millions on the education of their upcoming youth. Recently a Pakistani social enterprise named as Peshawar 2.0, led by one of the youth, is working to rebuild the capital city of KPK, Peshawar, through bringing creativity in the field of technology, arts, and design and trying to bring awareness among youngsters.

The company stated, “We believe entrepreneurship is an empowering medium to translate creativity and talent of the youth into action that has social and economic impact”.

They have recently announced its 3rd edition of Makerthon. The Makerthon 2017 is specially designed for inspiration among young ones to become good entrepreneurs, designers, techies, and artists of modern era.

They have planned an event between 7th – 12th August 2017 at Peshawar 2.0’s basecamp, which is located at First Floor, Arbab Tower, Nasir Bagh Road, Peshawar. The project is Peshawar 2.0’s education initiative known as The Makers League.

The team league is based upon 300 dedicated people, these young energetic youth are fully charged to bring a drastic change in Peshawar city by creating start-ups in technology sector.

Its a six week events which will basically focus on areas of Artificial Intelligence, Art+Design, Robotics, Biotech, Film-making Hardware, Fintech. Moreover, the enterprise has also included entertainment and games for the young students along with lots of cash prizes and goodies.

Mr. Bilal the company’s co-founder is pretty sure that the coming event will change the lives and it will encourage the freshers in choosing the best career path.

Who are eligible to apply for “The Makers League”.

According to the rules grades 5th to 11th students are encourage to apply for the camp. Right now they have mentioned 20 seats from across the region, these lucky students will get chance to learn from top 5 leading speakers from across the country. This would definitely be an amazing opportunity to learn how to bring innovation and creativity in their work. The enterprise is planning a library and lecture hall at the basecamp.

Moreover, the project lead Mr. Khushal stated, “that it is now time to teach our kids better and differently and If we’re going to teach these kids the same way as we taught yesterday, we’ll only be burying our versions of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk”.

Click here and quickly fill the form and avail a lucky chance to be part of “The Makers League”.

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