Munaf Kapadia quits his job at Google to sell samosas

Munaf Kapadia quits his job at Google to sell samosas

For most of us working at Google would be a dream come true. But today we’d like to introduce you to a man who landed a coveted job at Google only to quit later on to sell samosas!

Indian muslim Munaf Kapadia a 28-year-old from the city of Mumbai. A brilliant MBA student Munaf completed his Masters from India and after working for a few years, he got an offer from Google. His stint at Google was not as long as he had imagined. In spite of working at the tech giant, he decided to help his mother by serving her mouth watering food to a bigger community. Munaf belongs from the Bohri Community who are renowned for their thaal, a platter which contains full meal i.e. from mutton samosas to nargisi kebabs, dabba gosht, haleem, nihari kaari chawal and a variety of other meals. Munaf decided to bring the delicious food of his community to a second level and decided to serve it to a wider group of people with a sneaky goal of providing his mother with a hobby so that she avoid watching sitcoms rest of the day!

However he finally decided to quit his job at Google and shifted back home to start The Bohri Kitchen. The restaurant was started by Munaf in 2014 as a side business and therefore a store for his mom to keep her busy. The project started off by inviting people over for a paid meal. It is now a full-blown central kitchen which serves over 30 deliveries per day as well as catering services for the events. The restaurant has gained fame that famous Indian celebrities like Rani Mukerjee and Farah Khan do visit regularly.

Munaf’s success story of The Bohri Kitchen outcome in due praise for Munaf Kapadia who was recently featured in Forbes annual 30 Under 30 feature. 

Munaf’s mom does the cooking while his duty is branding and marketing. Currently, The Bohri Kitchen is ranked $75,000 annual profits and Munaf desires to take up high his family business significantly this year.

If you’re reading Munaf, waiting to see The Bohri Kitchen in Pakistan soon!

Feedswallet team wishes Munaf best of luck for his career!

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