How to manage your time as a college going student

By Mah Jabeen

Usually college students have complaints regarding lack of sleep, stress and excessive workload, but later on they quote the time as a memorable spot of their life. Nowadays, completion of degree is no more near what’s needed to land a dream job. Majority of the companies hunt for the candidate who demonstrates strong technical as well as interpersonal skills. Below are few tips on how one can manage those years and hopefully land getting their dream job.


How to manage your time as a college going student

Make yourself indulge in extracurricular activities.

Participating in sports activities on campus would not essentially add to your technical skills but infact they will leave you with other important ones. Similarly skills like communication, organization, teamwork, management, which is somehow transferable and very important to any work environment.



How to manage your time as a college going student
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Attending seminars and lectures

Well nowadays there is not a single university that doesn’t have speakers coming and conducting seminars for their students on campus. Try to take advantage of these opportunities in order to learn something new and meet some industry hotshots. This way you will be able to gain valuable advice from their experiences.



How to manage your time as a college going student

Try to gain important experience

Nowadays employers have lots of expectations before hiring college graduates, that they should have some work experience, ideally in their major/career field. Take initiative of checking internships or some volunteer opportunities. The more experience you gain, it becomes more easy to understand, and the outcome becomes more valuable to the prospective employer.


How to manage your time as a college going student

Do some researches

Usually this option is apparently reserved for undergrads hoping to get a Masters degree; it undoubtedly wouldn’t hurt the chances for employment. Mostly we have seen professors who are constantly on a search for students keen to expand their skills by taking part in their various projects. Employers also prefer those students who go out of the way to learn and enhance themselves, this way it shows enthusiasm to discover and are not frightened of trying new things.


How to manage your time as a college going student

Work as a freelancer

If you feel that you are having hard time doing internships, or want to earn some extra bucks. One of the easiest solutions is a freelancing. It is a wonderful way to grow, and which also satisfy the person’s creative impulse and will definitely open up a new career doors. Unlike internship, the person have full freedom to work in whatever field they like as per their interest and it is a additional bonus of working from home.



How to manage your time as a college going student

Apply for the GRE

Nearly every graduate program in the states needs the GRE general test. In order to pass the GRE the person need to have a major amount of general knowledge that don’t need to apply to that person’s degree or the profession he chooses. Studies are a form of a sill that usually is not use as much in one’s career. Thus, preparing for the GRE, while in college days is much easier. Incase if you are not planning for grad school within a year of graduating, then take the test on a later date, because GRE scores does not last forever.


How to manage your time as a college going student

 Coordination with your professors

Students should interact and try to learn from their experiences rather than interacting for reasons to boost your grades. Professors play a vital role in providing guidance and valuable advice about further selection of courses. Professors play a major role in influencing your future goals, by grad school recommendation remarks they give. And if you are in class with lots of students, you need to make efforts to stand and make yourself known to earn that recommendation.

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