Saudi civil defence cleared the 600 residential hotel building after a fire break out on the eight floor

By Mah Jabeen

A 600 suit residential hotel in Makkah was being evacuated after a fire broke out today early morning, the civil defence authority service stated

Saudi Arabia’s city Makkah, where around two million Muslims gather every year to perform the annual Haj pilgrimage, Haj draws Muslims from around the world to the western Saudi Arabian city of Makkah, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) birthplace and the most revered site in Islam.

Nayef al-Sharif, the civil defence spokesman confirmed no casualties were reported about the fire, which was sparked by the out of order air conditioning unit on the eight floor of the seven star hotel.

The 600 residents, most of who belonged from Turkey, Yemen and Lebanon, for the Haj pilgrimage, were evacuated this early Monday morning today, after a fire broke out, Sharif said.

Unfortunately Last month, 11 labours found dead of asphyxiation in Saudi Arabia during thre fire that engulfed the windowless house they shared, Saudi authorities said. Similarly fire destroyed three buildings last week in traditional section of Jeddah, under a Unesco world heritage site, the Saudi civil defence added

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