Libra Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Libra Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Sun Sign

December 2017 – Venus enters Sagittarius on December 1. Get deep in the holiday mood. The full moon on the third could hit you with a strong desire to get away, far away. You won’t go, however, because you have so many people and things nearby that you dearly love. And there’s so much going on now. The new moon on December 17 lights up your desire to be with friends and neighbors. Think block party! Holiday preparations can be turned into quality fun time together. Someone unexpected could show up, too. Venus enters Capricorn on the twenty-fourth. Share your holiday spirit with the whole community.

Standout days: 7, 14, 23
Challenging days: 4, 20

Love (Singles)

December 2017 – Pointless arguments pop up during a frustrating Mars-Uranus opposition on December 1, which could lead to a negative attitude that carries over through the rest of the month. Holding a grudge won’t solve anything. A second Venus-Neptune square of the year lowers self-confidence on the tenth, and you might begin to question what potential partners see in you. If there ever was a good time to go fishing for compliments, this is it. When Venus enters sensible Capricorn on December 24, you show your love in very practical ways. You may come off as more conservative as usual, but at least you are 100 percent committed to finding love.

Love (Couples)

December 2017 – Unexpected conflicts arise during the Mars-Uranus opposition on December 1, and you can’t help but feel off balance and more than a little intimidated by the situation. Put on the brakes until you gain more control. Lovely Venus makes her second trying square of the year to dreamy Neptune on the tenth, so your romantic expectations become somewhat confused and hard for your partner to meet. Of course, you’re worried about how you’re being judged as well, so this could be an odd, out of sync, needy time. When Venus transits into responsible Capricorn on December 24, you’re completely competent. Romantic? Not so much. But you’re there when it counts.


December 2017 – A legal matter could stop you in your tracks at the full moon on December 3. Instead of trying to push forward with a business initiative, it would be better to change direction. Energetic Mars enters your earned income sector on the ninth, giving you the necessary drive to land a lucrative assignment. The new moon on December 17 is ideal for launching a promotional campaign, blog, or website. You’re sure to get lots of positive feedback. Professional Saturn moves into your fourth house of domesticity on the nineteenth, suggesting the holidays might be a good time to launch a home-based business.


Nov 27, 2017 – Dec 3, 2017 – This week you may need to get a second opinion on your money plans. You have a lot of creative ideas about how to maximize your returns, but the truth could also be clouded or look better than it really is. Make sure to double and triple check everything before you sign. Your social life is warm and loving. Just try not to overspend on lavish nights out!


December 2017 – Enhancing your spiritual awareness through meditation or other similar practices can have a very beneficial effect on your well-being. With philosophical Jupiter aligning with ethereal Neptune in your wellness zone, you might feel moved to invest time in learning a new practice such as tai chi, yoga, or any type of meditation that enables you to relax deeply. Such activities can allow your body to experience profound levels of healing, especially if you practice regularly. Also, the ability to calm your mind can benefit you greatly and allow you to be more effective in everyday life.

 Monthly Planetary Overview

December 2017 – A full Gemini moon on December 3 makes it hard to be consistent, then Mercury turns retrograde in glib Sagittarius. Sarcasm comes easily, and you’ll have to watch your words that week. When Mercury turns direct on December 22, you finally say what’s been on the tip of your tongue all month. Amid the holiday crush there comes a period of calm, but at the aggressive Aries quarter moon on December 26 you could sputter out words you regret. At work, this fresh cosmic energy helps you push a project over the finish line.

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