Leo Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Leo Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Sun Sign

December 2017 – Your social life is buzzing when the full moon comes on December 3, but you may feel more like a spectator or observer than a participant. Enjoy being less conspicuous and let your friends show off for a while. It should be fun to watch. For the new moon on the seventeenth, get creative with shopping and wrapping gifts. Your mind may be buzzing with a zillion splendid, personalized gifts that would be easy to make, but time is running short. On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn and conjoins Saturn. Be the grownup in the room, make smart decisions, and be respected.

Standout days: 1, 12, 23
Challenging days: 9, 19

Love (Singles)

December 2017 – If you’ve been stuck in a rut, Venus moving into outgoing Sagittarius on December 1 should be a great change of pace. Exploring the world is the perfect way to find romance. A pleasant conjunction between Venus and communicative Mercury on the fifteenth has you easily exchanging small talk and compliments. Being direct gets you exactly what you want. Why haven’t you tried this before?! A Venus-Saturn conjunction on December 25 could cause some romantic discord, especially as you try to navigate different social events during the holidays. Distance can be a major stressor for a potential new romance, so do your best to stay in touch when you’re in different locations.

Love (Couples)

December 2017 – You love the sociable energy produced by Venus leaving powerful Scorpio and entering casual Sagittarius on December 1 because you’re more your boisterous, outgoing self. Your romantic agenda isn’t subversive in any way. You put it all out there, and your partner should appreciate your candor. A harmonious Venus-Mercury conjunction on the fifteenth improves two-way communication, so late-night talks where you listen to each other’s musings happen more frequently. Expressions of love are free and easy. A Venus-Saturn conjunction on December 25 tests your tolerance because you might be separated by distance – emotional or geographical. If you’ve been on shaky ground lately, this could be your breaking point.


December 2017 – The full moon on December 3 might bring an explosive conclusion to a group project. Delusional colleagues will be disappointed by the results of an ill-timed initiative. Resist the urge to say, “I told you so.” The sixteenth, when the sun, your ruler, forms a trine to original Uranus, is ideal for making an unusual proposal. The new moon on December 17 helps you make headway with a bold initiative. Thinking outside the box could pay off. Serious Saturn moves into your sixth house of work on the nineteenth. You could become a lot busier with increased orders toward the end of the month.


Nov 27, 2017 – Dec 3, 2017 – For you, this week is about travel, higher learning, and metaphysics, as well as politics, social groups, hopes, and dreams. It’s a great time to blend these areas by engaging in workshops, seminars, and online classes that challenge you and allow you to charge more for a new skill or service. Connect first with your people to find out which skills they may want or need.


December 2017 – Potent Pluto continues its journey through your health sector for much of this month. But there are other big changes coming that could impact your energy level and well-being. You could be in a buoyant mood for much of December, and this can be reflected in a determination to enjoy sports and other adventures that keep you fit and trim. On December 19, sobering Saturn leaves your leisure zone and enters your health sector, where it will stay until 2020. This encourages you to take responsibility for your health and be more disciplined about what you eat and how and when you exercise.

 Monthly Planetary Overview

December 2017 – A full Gemini moon on December 3 makes it hard to be consistent, then Mercury turns retrograde in glib Sagittarius. Sarcasm comes easily, and you’ll have to watch your words that week. When Mercury turns direct on December 22, you finally say what’s been on the tip of your tongue all month. Amid the holiday crush there comes a period of calm, but at the aggressive Aries quarter moon on December 26 you could sputter out words you regret. At work, this fresh cosmic energy helps you push a project over the finish line.

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