John Collison, 26 years old over took Evan Spiegel and marked himself the world’s youngest self made billionaire.

By Mah Jabeen

Cofounder and president of Stripe, Mr John Collison, owes a company that lets business as well as individuals easily accept payments over the internet, was fortunately marked as the world’s youngest self made billionaire by Forbes according to the latest world’s richest list.

Mr John Collison, who is two months younger than Mr Evan Speigal, the Snapchat founder. Collison has a net worth of $1.1 Billion with the leads Speigal with a net worth of $3.4 Billion.

In the early November 2016 Stripe was closed at $150 million funding that valued the business at $9.2 Billion. This way the transaction turned Collison in to the world’s youngest self made billionaire. Patrick along with his brother John came up with Stripe during their South Africa’s vacation, whereas, John was undergrad studying Physics at Harvard. They launched the company in 2010 and therefore launched the product in September 2011.

After Forbes announced the updated list, the number of billionaire has reached an all time high of 2,043. Their total net worth increased by an impressive 18% totaling at USD 7.67 trillion. There were 197 new joiners in 2017, which also includes Collison.

In one of the interview with Wired, Collison shared few tips for successful startup

“It’s easy for people to think the best opportunities are taken. I absolutely don’t think that is true at all. My advice to my younger self would be not to be too OK with the ways the world is broken, and instead see them as opportunities. For instance, I don’t think anyone’s particularly happy with their mobile-phone provider. If a better provider were to come around, I don’t think anyone would be particularly surprised.”

Few of the investors in Stripe include globall conglomerates like American express, Visa, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers  and Sequoia Capital.

Regardless of his young age, success is not a strange sensation for Mr John Collison, who founded Auctomatic in past, yet again with his brther, which helped manage transactions for sellers on sites like Amazon and eBay. But then they sold their business to Live Current Media for $5 million in 2008, marking as teenage millionaire.

Imagae source: pressform

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