Jiao Qing turns seven Zoo Berlin celebrates his first birthday after he migrated

Jiao Qing turns seven Zoo Berlin celebrates his first birthday after he migrated

Two long-awaited giant pandas travelled Germany from China, where as Berlin rolling out the red carpet for the furry ambassadors’ arrival.

Meng Meng and Jiao Qing, flew to Berlin on a special Lufthansa cargo jet on June 24th, accompanied by two Chinese vets, Berlin zoo’s chief vet, and a tonne of bamboo.

The pandas were served “bamboo snacks” and water, and their transport carriage was kept dry and odourless with absorbent mats during the 12 hour and 20 minute flight.

110-kilo male panda Jiao Qing was born in Chengdu on 15 July 2010 – Upon his birth he was given the studbook number 769. His mother’s name is Jiao Zi and his father is Ke Bi.

It’s relatively easy to say the name Jiao Qing if you remember to pronounce the Q like a “ch”, as in the word “qi”, but translating the name was the biggest challenge. While “Meng Meng” basically means “sweet dream”. Jiao Qing definitions is something like “charmer” – a trait we are yet to see evidence of, although hopefully he will turn on the charm when he meets Meng Meng. Even experienced translators struggled to come up with an appropriate translation of “Jiao Qing”.

“Jiao Qing is appreciably bigger and stronger than his female companion Meng Meng,” says Chinese panda keeper Yin Hong. Zoo Berlin’s deputy panda handler and experienced bear keeper Marcus Röbke stated, “Our male panda is super chilled out – so long as he has something to get his strong teeth around.

Berlin zoo made surety that all the necessary things available before their arrival, the bears’ new house, was built a 1,000 metre square (10,700 square feet) enclosure, which includes a wooded climbing area too.

Panda fans could show off their skills today as they wished her a very happy seventh birthday. To mark his big day, our young bear received a special bamboo ice cream cake – the result of a Chinese-German collaboration in the zoo kitchen.

Do watch cute ” Meng Meng” celebrating his birthday

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