These Images Of A “Slime Eel” Incident On Highway 101 Have Gone Viral

These Images Of A "Slime Eel" Incident On Highway 101 Have Gone Viral

A truck carrying 7,500 pounds (3,400kg) of hagfish was overturned on the highway on Thursday due to which the police and the fire department in Oregon, US faced difficulty. The truck driver Salvatore Tragale was driving on the highway 101 and was carrying 13 containers of hagfish which are also known as slime eels. The part of the road was blocked due to some construction work, and the truck driver could not stop the vehicle on time. Due to which the containers carrying hagfish were all across the highway and caused five car crash on the south of Depoe Bay. A couple who were the tourist from Norway were also involved in the accident.

As reported by The Oregon Live, within no time, a lot of slimy gunk was all on the highway and the cars. Hagfishes are well-known for producing slime when they are in distress. They are a primitive jawless fish that produce a protein based mucous through their glands on each side of their body. According to the cops, the people in the cars were badly hit by the container but suffered some minor injuries. The firemen washed the hagfish away within few hours and cleared the roads.

The pictures of slime are all over the internet, and it will surely haunt you forever. Highway 101 was cleared and opened for driving before 4 pm on Thursday afternoon. Oregon state police on Thursday posted a photo on Twitter which showed the damaged cars were entirely covered by the eels and was captioned as, “What to tell the #drycleaner?” Not just that there is even a video which will make you feel yuck! Depoe Bay Fire Dist posted pictures and videos on Twitter, and this seems to be scary.

In this heat… what is this going to start smelling like in the next few days?” the Oregon State Police tweeted. “The slime is a protein based mucous produced by glands along each side of the eel’s body that forms the slime when mixed with water,” the ODFW Tweeted.

Our brains couldn’t process what was happening, just kept going, cascading, a domino effect over these poor cars,” Butler told KOIN. The hagfish were soon transported to Korea for consumption. The Oregon state police tweeted that the eels were being shipped to Korea where they are considered as delicacies. The cleanup process carried by the foremen was a bit slow as the mucus was thick slime as it was mixed with water. The Depoe Bay Fire District spent hours and used fire hoses, the bulldozer to push the slime off the highway and clean the road.


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