HBO seeks help from FBI, after release of top official emails by hackers, demanding million in bitcoin

By Mah Jabeen

HBO seeks help from FBI, after release of top official emails by hackers, demanding million in bitcoin


Last week after hacking HBO network the hackers now, leaked a fresh cache of the HBO data online along with a ransom note.

Soon after the week passed when hackers leaked the first load of hacked data online, they now have sent out a second leak accompanied by a ransom note. Beside this a month back an email corresponded between the top brass HBO management were also included along leak in order to force the network to pay heed to a ransom note which was included with it.

According to the Hollywood Reported that they received the spilled material in an email. Although it did not reveal the actual data content, but it contained several personal data files i.e. emails, employment agreements, financial balance sheets and marketing-strategy worksheets. A video ransom note was directed to the CEO Richard Plepler of HBO network. Thus the exact ransom amount  still haven’t been revealed, the hackers have demanded HBO authorization to release multi million dollars in Bitcoins, or in other case the hackers would spill the entire data online.

The UK-based journal, The Independent, writes ,HBO has contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to lead the inquiry into the said matter. Thus this makes FBI the second company to start probe in the hack attack along with Mandiant, an American Cyber security firm.

It was also mentioned regarding the leaked data which includes scripts of the first five seasons of this year’s Game of Thrones season, the season seven. Whereas, the first four episodes already officially been released by the company while the fifth one is yet to be released. This data accounted for only half a gigabyte of storage as compared to the total 1.5 terabytes of the data which was stolen. Earlier, the leak of the fourth episode of the season was also being related to this cyber attack. As Star India, one of the HBO’s distribution partners, however, later they confirmed that the leak possibly came from their end.

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