Harron Rashid former pre-rector of COMSATS found guilty in fraud over million

By Mah Jabeen

According to CIIT internal enquiry report the former Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) pro-rector and (NTS) chief executive officer was holding 11 positions simultaneously, was involved in millions of rupees fraud.

5 members of CIIT team presented the report,

“Haroon Rashid has been unauthorizingly involved as pro-rector in matters related to human resource. It appears that there were no defending measures in place, enabling him to commit serious absence, whereas, using his authority in promotion, appointments , transfers and awarding financial perks and privilieges.”

The serious actions were taken after the Pandora box was opened, where the Ph.D thesis were found to plagiarized and the inquiry resulted into severe irregularities in the code of conduct involving unauthorized power usage. The report stated, after acquiring Ph.D (later revoked owing to plagiarism) Haroon Rashid has withdrawn almost about Rs.25.71M for allowance, salary, Ph.D allowance and various other personal benefits.

Haroon Rashid made several appointments without any approval or legal authority. Almost 9 departments were reporting to him during his tenure, he hired resources and utilize millions of rupees for his personal use. Recently he has withdrawn 227M for virtual campus establishment without board of governors or HEC approval.

In 2016, Rs. 84.7M were usedup in the name of Pak-China business forum and this was also without any approval. The report also stated that the individual in fraud are still at the helm of affairs at CIIT.

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