The famous rock star Tom Petty dies at the age of 66

By Mah Jabeen

The famous rockstar Tom Petty passed away on Monday after being rushed to a hospital at Los Angeles, according to his manager Dimitriades, and confirmed his death on behalf of his family. 

Tom Petty was 66.

The major cause of his sudden death was he suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu early morning and was immediately rushed to UCLA Medical Center, but unfortunately could not revive. He passed away at 8.40pm PT surrounded by his family members, his bandmates and friends, his manager stated.

Tom Petty was known for his nasally voice and chiming guitar, the heartbreakers churned out an instantly recognizable brand of sturdy, one of their most famous number was heartland rock which made them classic radio staple for decades.

The famous rock star Tom Petty dies at the age of 66

Last week the group had 3 performances at Hollywood Bowl

Their fame journey started in 1970s. It was a group and a solo artist performance that made Petty strings of hits for decades, which includes “free fallin”, American Girl” and “I won’t back down.” And the journey continued with some low and some hit numbers

Tom Petty was born in Gainesville, Florida and at the age of 11 he became hooked on rock and roll. Petty joined “The Sundowners” band in high school at the age of 14.

Tom Petty also worked in movies; he was starred with Kevin Costner in 1997 films “The Postman” also in one of the animated movie “King of the Hill.”

In his one of the interview to CNN in 2007, he stated

“Music, as far as I have seen in the world so far, is the only real magic that I know,”

“There is something really honest and clean and pure and it touches you in your heart.”

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