Face ID feature fails in recognizing two identical twins in iPhone X

By Mah Jabeen

Recently the giant tech company Apple has introduced a latest feature called Face ID on its iPhoneX. The basic reason behing to introduce this feature was to replace Touch ID with Face ID and the company is quite confident that their new Face ID seemed to be more accurate and secure. The false acceptance rate of the Touch ID is 1 in 50,000, whereas, the Face ID has 1 million false acceptance rate. The word False acceptance meant that it will identify someone else instead of you.

Keeping in view the whole scenario, Mashable, experimented the feature on two identical twins. The experiment was performed at their office, where they already had identical twins in their staff. They registered the Face ID with one of the twins and then unlocked the phone with the face of other twin and the most shocking part was the phone was unlocked. And not only with one set of twins, the experiment was repeated on other set of twins as well, and unfortunately the result was the same.

So after the unsatisfying result, it confirmed that Face ID feature is not perfect and it can be fooled by identical twins. But however, people cannot fool Face ID with digital or physical photographs.

Earlier, Mashable performed the same test with Windows Hello Facial recognition technology. With a supported hardware of Windows Hello it uses to unlock Windows 10 devices. And none of the identical twins succeed in fooling the Microsoft technology. It appears that Windows Hello is far better than Apple Face ID at a certain point. Well we expect things might change in future as Apple keep updating it features by the time.

We should also keep in mind that this is just a case and it is not true for all the identical twins. It may differentiate between some identical twins and may fail only in rare cases.

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