Early symptoms of ovarian cancer of which you should be aware of!

By Mariyam Umar

When it comes to mind only one thing which makes a person scared is pain. Cancer is being a common disease nowadays there are main types of cancer. Cancer is actually a group of disease which involve abnormal cell growth which may spread to other parts of the body but not all tumours  are cancerous.

Ovarian cancer is found in women. Ovarian cancer begins in ovaries, ovaries plays a major role in reproduction. When cancerous cell start growing in ovaries it is termed as ovarian cancer. It is very difficult to detect ovarian cancer, it is commonly diagnosed in women aging 30s to 40s. The sooner cancer is detected there are higher chances of survival.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

There are always symptoms which are evolved when a person is suffering from any disease. Some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer are also discussed here.

 Early symptoms of ovarian cancer of which you should be aware of!

Extreme pain in lower abdominal region

During Menstruation cycle it is normal to undergo cramps in your lower back, stomach, Lower Abdomen and lower region. it is normal if it last in 5 or 7 days but if it continues for quite longer then surely it is considered dangerous. Such pain might be a sign of danger or ovarian cancer





Bloating may  evolve several reasons. Usually in a normal situation bloating my last in few days and the reason could be that you have retained too much water. But if it continue for 3 to 4 weeks then you should go for ovarian cancer screening.




Increased urge to urinate

Drinking water is very important. Intake of 10 to 12 glasses is considered normal. if you are drinking sufficient amount of water that your body needs and suddenly you start urging to pee more than usual then considering other symptoms you must take this symptom on a serious note and go to doctor as soon as possible.



Decreased appetite

Decreased appetite

One of the ovarian cancer symptom do include decreased appetite. Sometimes you may feel full and don’t urge to eat much but a span more than  two or three weeks is a matter of tension. You should Rush to doctor in such case.


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