Capricorn Monthly Horoscope (October) 2017

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope (October) 2017

Sun Sign

October 2017 – There’s no place like home with this full moon on October 5. Things are looking good at work and it feels even better to go home and feel even better still. A small personal treat is appropriate. Get a new coffee mug or a fun new app on your phone. Your career and work life are highlighted by the new moon on October 19. Organize your thoughts and make sure your work situation works for you. A wanted change or improvement might require a small sacrifice. On October 24, the moon conjoins Saturn and sensitizes you to what you and perhaps a loved one need most.

Standout days: 6, 10, 16
Challenging days: 8, 31

Love (Singles)

October 2017 – An unbalanced square between peace-loving Venus and ambitious Saturn on October 8 causes you to tip heavily in one direction, and you don’t like the feeling of not being able to choose your own fate. In fact, you dislike being told no in any capacity. When the sun enters dedicated Scorpio on October 22, you walk a fine line between willfulness and stubbornness. Dating requires some flexibility, and you can’t always control what happens. You may develop primal urges during the battle between Venus and sexual Pluto on October 27, and controlling them will be key. When passions run hot, consequences can be disastrous.

Love (Couples)

October 2017 – A square between soft Venus and limit-testing Saturn on October 8 puts you in an awkward predicament as you try to navigate between what you really want and what you can have. You’re usually OK with accepting limits, but right now you’re torn. When the sun enters willful Scorpio on October 22, intimacy issues are accentuated. You’re consumed by love, but letting it overwhelm your life isn’t advised. A strong Venus-Pluto conflict on October 27 tempts you to use intimacy as a weapon, but your inner voice tries to quiet those urges. Use your excess energy to fight the green-eyed monster when it tries to crash the party.


October 2017 – You’ll be able to showcase your expertise to great effect during the beginning of October, when gracious Venus and ambitious Mars beam support to commanding Pluto. Expansive Jupiter may reward you for joining a professional organization on or around October 10, when it moves into your eleventh house of groups. Who you know will be just as important as what you know in the year ahead. The new moon brings a flawed career opportunity on October 19 due to a harsh aspect to impulsive Uranus. For someone who craves security, you won’t enjoy the roller-coaster ride this position affords. Hold out for a more stable job.


Sep 25, 2017 – Oct 1, 2017 – This week you head into a time of greater curiosity. The planets affect the sector of your chart governing education and learning, teaching, travel, metaphysics, and the law. Under fortunate aspects you may find that you’re able to bring in money from one or more of these pursuits, or that adding new skills allows you to earn more in the future. How exciting!


October 2017 – Through your dedication and discipline, you may find that you become something of an example for other people to follow. With this month’s influences putting you in the limelight, you might even be able to help others who are having difficulties with their exercise routine, diet, or training regimen. In fact, if you enjoy such activities, you could find coaching very rewarding. With edgy influences occurring between October 15 and October 20, you’d be wise not to push yourself too hard. Instead of giving yourself more to do, allow time to relax and recuperate. You’ll feel better for it!

Monthly Planetary Overview

October 2017 – All your negotiating skills are called into play at the full moon of October 5. You must, at this time more than any other, be the necessary team player right now. It’s heady to push forward on your own, but as a cranky Cancer quarter moon on October 12 shows its slim face, you’ll see that the situation has potential for success whichever way you decide to go. The good news is that the new moon on October 19 is like a personal New Year’s Day. In the long run, you make a balanced choice, one that is best for all concerned.

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