Cancer Monthly Horoscope (November) 2017

Cancer Monthly Horoscope (November) 2017

Sun Sign

November 2017 – The spotlight is on your social life during the November 3 full moon. Step into a bigger, perhaps faster social set. Don’t feel shy or awkward. Let others do the crazy stuff if they like. Dance to your own music, but dance. On the new moon on the eighteenth, pour your feelings into something creative. Paint, decorate, cook, play or write music, and soak yourself in all the things that you love best. Surround yourself with your best-loved company, too. The moon-Uranus conjunction on November 30 could reopen – or settle – an old argument. Be emotional but also reasonable, and heal an old wound.

Standout days: 7, 13, 21
Challenging days: 9, 19


Love (Singles)

November 2017 – When communicative Mercury exits coy Scorpio for straightforward Sagittarius on November 5, you speak your mind. You can be shy, yes, but the boldness you gain from this aspect helps you better express your feelings for someone. The Scorpio new moon gives you a fresh perspective on the eighteenth, and it’s enlightening to look back on a situation and see it differently. Maybe your actions didn’t play as big of a role in a past relationship’s demise as you thought. An edgy Mercury-Uranus trine on November 25 has you thinking some pretty racy thoughts and lowers your inhibitions. It’s nice to be seen in a different light sometimes.

Love (Couples)

November 2017 – Communicative Mercury leave powerful Scorpio for friendly Sagittarius on November 5, when your emotions lighten up a bit and you’re able to express yourself more freely. It’s freeing to tell your partner something you’ve kept bottled up. You get regenerative energy from the Scorpio new moon on the eighteenth, making this the perfect time to let go of something you’ve been holding on to for far too long. However, forgiving is always easier than forgetting. A cutting-edge Mercury-Uranus trine has you thinking outside the box on November 25, and your love life benefits from your creativity. Try something you were too shy to try before.


November 2017 – A group project could come to fruition on November 3, when the full moon rises in your eleventh house of collaborative efforts. You will make some influential contacts through this association. Professional Saturn trines surprising Uranus on November 11, suggesting you could receive an unexpectedly big bonus. Use this money to further your career ambitions. Launching a website could attract favorable publicity. Treat this expense as an investment in your professional success. The new moon on November 18 might prompt you to take a vacation. Taking time away from work will renew and refresh you. Head for a beautiful seaside resort.


Oct 30, 2017 – Nov 5, 2017 – You are very communicative now. Talking, chatting online, or even using social networking sites to your advantage are par for the course. But you’re kicking it up a notch, maybe even thinking about writing your memoirs. You have an incredible amount of creative energy at this time. Use it to your financial advantage by considering your audience. Then locate the markets with the widest reach for the best results.


November 2017 – If you’ve struggled with energy levels and vitality over the past couple years, it likely won’t be for much longer. With sobering Saturn nearing the end of its stay in your wellness sector and moving into Capricorn in December, you may begin to feel a sense of release. It’s also possible that you have already upgraded your lifestyle habits and routines so that feeling great is the new normal. However, the focus on this sector intensifies over the coming weeks and encourages you to take stock. This might be a good time to tweak your health and diet routines or research other ways to reach your personal targets.

Monthly Planetary Overview

November 2017 – During the November 3 full moon in sometimes stubborn Taurus, your intuition sends a message and you can tell it’s going to take longer to get a particular project off the ground and you’ll have to work harder. With the help of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction, solutions come more easily the week of the thirteenth. Your personal life could be tense the weekend of November 18 with a Scorpio new moon wanting its own way and Mars trying to push Pluto around. Those tensions resolve themselves easily on November 21 when the sun moves into sassy Sag. The next day, Neptune turns direct to cast a rose-colored glow over the upcoming holiday.

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