Cancer Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Cancer Monthly Horoscope (December) 2017

Sun Sign

December 2017 – Quiet time may be all you want when the full moon comes on December 3. Holiday plans are beginning to get serious and there could be a work crunch going on, too. Take care of yourself and don’t get frazzled. On the sixth, Mercury and Mars are sextile while the moon is in Cancer. Be smart, motivated, and sensitive. The new moon on December 17 shows you that everything is neatly falling into place. Daily chores are all getting done, the cat is getting fed, and no one is feeling overlooked. Unexpectedly, you may be offered a helping hand. Say yes and thank you.

Standout days: 5, 14, 17
Challenging days: 16, 28

Love (Singles)

December 2017 – A favorable trine between abundant Jupiter and illusory Neptune gives you a mysterious aura on December 2, and you could be more attractive to strangers because of it. More flirting and dates to look forward to? Yes, please! The twelfth brings an inferior conjunction between the sun and Mercury retrograde, along with the wisdom and hindsight to view a past romantic issue a little differently than you did at the time. Now that you’re a little smarter and better informed, would you do anything differently? The new Sagittarius moon on December 17 opens the door to adventure, but will you step through it? Experiencing new things is always easier with a reassuring friend by your side.

Love (Couples)

December 2017 – The energy softens as protective Jupiter and dreamy Neptune form a gentle trine on December 2. You’re a very sympathetic partner, and your arms are a very safe and desirable place to be. The inferior conjunction between the sun and Mercury retrograde on the twelfth shouldn’t be ignored, because it can provide some very interesting insights into the past. Suddenly remembering a detail from a past argument can help put it to rest once and for all. A fiery new Sagittarius moon points love in a fresh direction on December 17, so follow your renewed adventurous spirit to see where it leads. What do you have to lose?


December 2017 – Mercury goes retrograde in your sixth house of work assignments on December 2. If you’ve been looking for a job, you could be in a holding pattern for most of the month. Be patient. The full moon on the third sheds light on an upsetting secret. Prepare to hear something shocking about a respected business leader. December 17 marks a supportive new moon filled with exciting opportunities. You could have an opportunity to show off your unique leadership ability. Dedicated Saturn moves into your seventh house of partnerships on the nineteenth. Forming a business alliance with an experienced individual should work in your favor.


Nov 27, 2017 – Dec 3, 2017 – This week features career matters and authority figures, indicating a time of getting in touch with your ambition and work goals. It’s like a big push from the Universe sending you off in the right direction. This may mean more responsibility and additional meetings, so try to go with the flow and accept your new role. Your intuition is running very high now. Integrate it with your usual way of doing business to yield wonderful results.


December 2017 – Your wellness zone is very much in focus this month, which could see you leaping into action and ready to look and feel great. As lovely Venus enters this zone on December 1, you might want to focus on your appearance and on finding ways to enhance your natural looks. This could involve getting facials or other treatments that can help smooth away tension and lines in the face and leave your skin looking nourished and healthy. You may find that drinking more water on a daily basis also helps. This is especially the case if you live and work in a hot climate.

 Monthly Planetary Overview

December 2017 – A full Gemini moon on December 3 makes it hard to be consistent, then Mercury turns retrograde in glib Sagittarius. Sarcasm comes easily, and you’ll have to watch your words that week. When Mercury turns direct on December 22, you finally say what’s been on the tip of your tongue all month. Amid the holiday crush there comes a period of calm, but at the aggressive Aries quarter moon on December 26 you could sputter out words you regret. At work, this fresh cosmic energy helps you push a project over the finish line.

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