Aquarius Monthly Horoscope (October) 2017

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope (October) 2017

Sun Sign

October 2017 – Indulge your desire to hang out with your friends more under the full moon on October 5. They may not choose to do your favorite things, but that won’t matter. Just being together means a lot now. On October 15, Mercury opposes Uranus and an idea or suggestion that once sounded great isn’t quite so appealing now. Take another look. Expand your horizons at the new moon on October 19. You may be in great shape at work, but you need a bigger world to truly thrive. Acknowledge a private passion and make it a bigger part of your life view.

Standout days: 15, 24, 29
Challenging days: 6, 26

Love (Singles)

October 2017 – Driven Mars squares disciplined Saturn on October 8, creating unavoidable obstacles. Finding out who put the roadblock in your way isn’t as important as figuring out how to remove it. Don’t waste energy on the wrong things. You have the potential to reach equilibrium in your love life with a new moon in fair-minded Libra on October 19. Getting closure is possible, as is starting fresh with a squeaky-clean slate. An interesting trine between chatty Mercury and dreamy Neptune on October 24 puts your thoughts in the clouds more than usual and slows down your communications. Nothing wrong with taking it slowly, especially when it helps build anticipation!

Love (Couples)

October 2017 – A square-off between powerful Mars and structured Saturn on October 11 puts unforeseen obstacles in your way, so a date you planned could get postponed. Rolling with the waves isn’t easy, but you should be fine if you keep your head above water. A new moon in Libra on October 19 spotlights your love life, with the potential to reach a peaceful balance. As you sit on the precipice of major change, weigh each decision very carefully. It could have long-lasting effects. A trine between chatty Mercury and intuitive Neptune on October 24 helps you access your innermost thoughts and communicate them effectively. There are few secrets between you.


October 2017 – Angry words could be exchanged on October 5, when the full moon faces off with oppressive Pluto. An authority figure may try to bait you into behaving unprofessionally. When your temper starts to rise, take deep breaths and count to ten. Professional prospects should dramatically improve on October 10, when expansive Jupiter enters your tenth house of career. This is an ideal opportunity to apply for a promotion or high-profile position at another company. If you’ve been longing to start your own business, go for it. You may feel like you’re out of your depth on October 19, when irritable Uranus challenges the new moon. Ask lots of questions.


Sep 25, 2017 – Oct 1, 2017 – You have aspects affecting other people’s money and debt. This signals a need to communicate with those to whom you owe money and make sure you’re both on the same page about what will be paid and when. There’s a bit of ease in shared investments. These may be able to help you out of any financial jams that crop up in the meantime. Rest assured that you’ll be cared for.


October 2017 – You might find your energy is best channeled by walking in nature, swimming, or doing yoga or tai chi. By balancing the energy flow throughout your body, you’ll feel more grounded, more vital, and better able to get on with everyday tasks. On another note, taking the time to release deep-seated emotions and resolve complex relationship issues could also be very good for you. If you’re hanging on to toxic feelings, practicing periods of release on a daily basis can have a huge and very positive impact on the way you feel, as well as your success in life.

Monthly Planetary Overview

October 2017 – All your negotiating skills are called into play at the full moon of October 5. You must, at this time more than any other, be the necessary team player right now. It’s heady to push forward on your own, but as a cranky Cancer quarter moon on October 12 shows its slim face, you’ll see that the situation has potential for success whichever way you decide to go. The good news is that the new moon on October 19 is like a personal New Year’s Day. In the long run, you make a balanced choice, one that is best for all concerned.

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