Another renowned website getting a new UI after 10 years, yes you are right, it’s Reddit

By Mah Jabeen

Changes are in the air. Recently we heard about Snapchat about a major transformation is going to unveil anytime. Today another renowned name Reddit has storm the internet. Yes FeedsWallet readers you are right. Reddit is finally getting a new UI after 10 years.

Reddit has proved itself to be a great place for original content and is also been ranked on the top communities on the internet at time. After 10 years of success Reddit has finally decided to get a new UI. As everyone is aware that the old UI which is really very annoying. Whereas, the old users are familiar of using UI without hassle but for new users UI is hard to understand and many users quit due to this reason.

It seemed like Mr Steve Huffman, CEO Reddit, knows the issue and keeping in view he finally grasp that the UI is restricting its growth and decided to change the UI of the main front page, this major step has take first time in 10 years. Mr Steve compared Reddit to a restaurant, where he believes that it has great food but poor customer’s service and long queues. People who have availed its service are fully ware that their food has a good quality but they still bear the poor service. Mr Huffman is aware that the users interface is kind a obstacle to the site. Therefore they finally thought to change its design.

Mr Huffman stated, “Reddit did not succeed because it has a shitty UI. Reddit succeeded despite having a shitty UI.”

The mobile app features are different as compared to desktop view. And it is quite possible that the new design will be taking the ideas from the mobile app and will be implemented it on the web, Mr. Steve stated that the mobile is far better. It is suspicious how the new Reddit outlook might be. The main aim behind the new Reddit design is to increase user conversion as 3-9 million new users visit the site daily and they avoid using it again due to the poor UI standard.

It seemed the companies have finally understood the designing importance and working to improve so that it may engage more users.

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