This 9-year-old’s rendition of the National Anthem put Coke Studio’s version to shame

This 9-year-old's rendition of the National Anthem put Coke Studio's version to shame

 Every year when Coke Studio is about to kick-start, we anxiously wait for its opening track to hit the screens.

Be it the incredibly soulful Sohni Dharti or last year’s Ae Rahe Haq Ke Shaheedo, the artists make sure to leave viewers teary-eyed.

However, this year’s Coke Studio‘s launch, which also celebrates its successful ten years, executed a rendition of our revered National Anthem sung by all the vocalists featured in the upcoming sessions of the season.

And good Lord, it did nothing for us.

A decade removed since Coke Studio’s birth, we understand the Sound of the Nation needed to validate that it still owns the requisite chops to deliver a stirring rendition of the national treasure – but then they produce this!

As we sat there contemplating what went wrong, we came across a version of the very same National Anthem, donned by a 9-year-old, Ahmed for Nescafe Basement a year ago, and boy, there they were -the goosebumps we all have been eagerly yearning for.

The immensely talented Ahmed and his brother Muhammad Afandi take you on a melodious journey with this beautiful cover of the National Anthem with a simple yet beautiful instrumental piece comprising the sitar andtablas. 


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