4G LTE speed is globally on the way out and Pakistanis still on the same pace

By Mah Jabeen

According to the recent report from OpenSignal it has been quite clear the there isn’t much improvement in 4G LTE speed globally, while none of the countries yet able to crack the 50 Mbps mark.

The report also mentioned few countries i.e. Singapore, Hungry and South Korea with high stable speed during the year 2017. But unfortunately Pakistan was on the lowest number in the list both in terms of availability and speed. And this was really very disappointing.

I am sure everyone aware of “OpenSignal” it is a multinational firm known for a wireless mapping. Which revealed his first test result in 2017 and which seemed to be quite embarrassing. According to the company survey the rate of top performing countries with average 4G data rate of more than 20 Mb/s is declining instead of raise.

The good thing about OpenSignal is they don’t estimate the figure from geographical coverage. Infact, the company’s metric tracks the proportion of time that users have consumed in accessing to a particular network. With this estimate, the score of Pakistan’s 4G availability marks 57.15% which was embarrassingly just 5 leaving only 5 countries behind.

4G LTE speed is globally on the way out and Pakistanis still on the same pace

However, according to the earlier report the cellular network and internet service providers globally are unable to upgrade their services from a certain point, whereas , our neighboring country India is fortunately on 11th position in terms of availability of 4G services.

The report stated:

 “The global 4G market has reached a transition point. Instead of focusing on boosting speeds, we now see an industry intent on boosting accessibility to 4G signals. In our latest global report, OpenSignal parsed more than 50 billion measurements worldwide to see how 77 countries stacked up in 4G performance.”

However if we talk about the speed comparison between Pakistan and India, it seemed to be quite close to one another in marking the list from the bottom. The average 4G speed of Pakistan is 11.67 Mbps whereas, India’s average speed is more lower with 6.14 Mbps. The foremost reason for this estimate of India can be the availability of 4G services to a large population.

4G LTE speed is globally on the way out and Pakistanis still on the same pace

Whereas, during the six months there is a slightly average increase of 4G download speed from 16.2 Mbps to 16.6 Mbps.

The latest report is a huge question mark on Pakistan’s IT and Telecom regulators and network providers. They should work on expanding their efforts to make better 4G/LTE services in Pakistan.

Image Source: makeuseof

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