2nd trailer of Blade Runner 2049 has released and 2M views in 5 hours

2nd trailer of Blade Runner 2049 has released and 2M views in 5 hours

As promised last night, the second trailer for Blade Runner 2049 storms the internet this morning on Good Morning America.

It depicts Ryan Gosling, as LAPD Officer K, searching for Deckard, where he seemed to be hiding out in some kind of concentration camp.

The trailer reprised by Harrison Ford for Blade Runner 2049, is a replicant, conforming to theories running more than 35 years back. “We were being hunted” is latest statement, especially when paired with the line about scrambling records. Where as earlier in May, director Denis Villeneuve was circumspect about whether the movie will directly answerable.

Villeneuve stated, “We are still exploring the themes of memories and empathy, and that’s still part of the deeper tissue … of where the movie evolves in relation with human”

This two-minute trailer suggests K and Deckard are going to find some bigger hidden truth about themselves. But that’s life, and perhaps that’s the bigger irony here.

The search for Deckard is a useful context to fill everyone in on what has happened in the 30 years between this film’s setting and that of the original Blade Runner. Though there’s plenty of footage seen already in the first trailer.

Blade Runner 2049 premieres Oct. 6, 2017.

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